Energy Bar Sponsorship

An active and healthy lifestyle is a big part of the Hornby Organic way!

Whether you’re into biking, hiking, cutting snow or slicing waves, our food is made for you. So, it’s only natural that we’d offer sponsorship for athletes and events. 

If you’d like to have Hornby Organic on your team check below to see if you’re eligible. 

Check Out Our Athletes & Ambassadors

Are you an Individual or Event that is seeking sponsorship?

Find out if you are eligible and apply below!

You are eligible if ...

Requesting in-kind donations (donations in the form of product)

A professional athlete or aspiring athlete who is actively working towards a goal 

Hosting a wellness, sports or competitive  event based around activity. If your event is not for profit, for a cause or charity then bonus points! 

Applying with 90 days notice.

You're not currently receiving sponsorship for another energy or snack bar company. 

What makes you ineligible…

Requesting monetary donations.

An active individual, not training to become a competitive or elite athlete. 

A profit based event in which participants pay a fee and bars are being requested to reward participants.  

Applying with less than 90 days notice.

You already have an energy or snack bar sponsor, no double dipping! 

If you're eligible drop us a line! 

We’ll get back to you.