General Questions

We thought you’d never ask! Hornby is a gulf island off the coast of Vancouver Island, but it’s so much more than just that. It’s a refuge for artists, a haven for musicians and a hub for creatives. A gathering place for thousands of diverse creatures, home to the greatest summertime swims and waters full of bioluminescence. It’s the magic and beauty of vast nature, kind folks and special moments all wrapped up into one word ; Hornby.

Of course. Check out your local recycling depot for their flexible packaging recycling services.

Our bars are airport friendly, train hopping ready and 10-hour-bus-ride prepared.  An emergency Hornby Organic bar might even save you from a spontaneous hanger attack.

We’d never make a product that we wouldn’t feed our own children. Unless your little one has allergies, they’re safe for the smallest and pickiest consumers. We suggest cutting the bar into tiny-human sized bites, for children 3 years and younger.

Yes! Each year we select a handful of events and athletes to sponsor. Please visit sponsorship page for more information. 

You bet! We know first hand that they help new moms keep up the calories it requires to produce breast milk.

We’d love that! Contact us here to start the process. We appreciate your support! 

Aside from our online store many amazing retailers carry our bars!  Click here to visit our locations map to find a shop near you.

That’s found in detail here. 

Absolutely. To find out more information about our shipping policy click here. 


The proof isn’t just in the name it’s also in the Canadian Certified Organic stamp. We’ve stopped at nothing to source the best organic ingredients without a premium cost to the customer. Which makes us wonder, why isn’t everyone else doing this?

We’re sorry vegan pals but our bars do contain raw honey (from a certified organic and          sustainable source).

Our bars are both dairy free and soy free.

We guarantee a shelf life of eight months for our bars from the time they leave our facility.

We don’t recommend storing your bar in extreme temperatures. They’re made from real food so they could be affected. But hey, we’ve all forgotten things, it happens. Your bar should be okay as long as it hasn’t been left for too long.

Our bars can be eaten when you cross the finish line of a marathon, while trekking up a mountain or emerging from 100 feet below water. Nibble on them in the climbing gym or after a yoga class. They’re also the perfect food when you’re stuck in traffic, late for work and don’t have a second to spare.


All of our bars start with the same three certified organic ingredients, gluten-free rolled oats, peanut butter or seed butter and honey. After that we sprinkle in the ingredients that give them their unique flavours. For a full list of what’s inside check out our product pages.

Each ingredient is selected with care, consideration and whenever possible from Canadian suppliers. Only a few of our ingredients are imported.

Don’t worry, it’s not another health food fad. Made from the cassava root, tapioca syrup has been around for generations. It is what gives our bars their irresistible sticky and chewy texture without spiking your sugar intake too much.

There is a small amount of caffeine in both the Chocolate Espresso 80g bar (40mg Caffeine) and the Chocolate Espresso OSnack 45g bar (22mg Caffeine).