May The Force Be With You

May The Force Be With You

Becoming masters of our craft one day at a time.

It’s been 8 years since we started Hornby Organic and what an incredible learning adventure it’s been; more than we could have ever imagined and we are sure our journey is only just beginning. 
Everyday our small team heads to our factory in Comox, BC to make sure that you, our customer, never runs out of your Hornby Organic bars.
The morning in the factory is a time for everyone to catch-up with friendly chatter, while mixers are filled with the recipe of the day and all the equipment is turned on in preparation for the production run. Once ready to roll, it’s go-time and all hands are on deck to keep things running smoothly. This is when the team transforms into Jedi Knights and uses the force to make the best bars possible.
One of our mottos here at the Hornby Organic factory is ‘persistence pays off’. Sometimes in the moment the situation can feel really daunting while navigating and learning new and different ways to do things. But it’s the days when the team moves mountains and makes a breakthrough that makes all the trial and error worth it.
To all those other entrepreneurs battling in the trenches, we get it, and want you to know that even after 8 years, it still can feel like we are going into battle with our energy bar dough on a daily basis. But slowly, with persistence, we are becoming one with our dough, and navigating through the variation in our ingredients (which makes sense when you think about growing regions, climate shifts, etc). It's a continuous journey, learning how to adapt and make the most consistent and best product possible for our customers. 


Currently we run 3 to 4 production shifts per week, out of our Comox facility, with a daily output of anywhere from 5,000 to 15,000 bars in a day, depending on demand. We are a small, but mighty team, and feel really proud to be able to pack most of our distributor orders right off the production line, ensuring the freshest bars possible for our customers. We are committed to continuing to create the most competitively priced, fresh and high-quality local bar on the market.
Thanks for following along.
The Hornby Organic Jedi Knights


Words by Cayleigh

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