Campfire Essentials - Hornby Organic S'mores

Hornby Organic S'more

No matter what the season, there are few things that top the list of being outdoors around a campfire with family and friends. There is a certain magic that surrounds a campfire and captivates the mind, regardless of your age.

So, let's imagine the classic s'more re-invented and made oh-so much better. We do this by pressing the marshmallow and chocolate between a warm and gooey, you guessed it, Hornby Organic bar. It's simple, it's fun and it will blow your backcountry mind.

Give it a try on your next adventure or backyard fire and we guarantee you'll be adding this new campfire favourite recipe with a twist to your back pocket. (Recipe below)

Hornby Organic S'more Ingredients:


Most of you probably have a general idea of how to make a S’more but the first step will set your Hornby Organic S'more apart! 

  1. Roast your Hornby Organic bar over the fire - this helps to warm it up and get the chocolate all gooey and soft
  2. Next, roast your marshmallow- to your liking
  3. Break your Hornby Organic bar in half
  4. Add extra chocolate onto the bar (if desired, but we think it's a good idea)
  5. Squeeze your roasted marshmallow off the stick between the two halves of your Hornby Organic Bar
  6. Be transported to S'more Heaven

    Hornby Organic S'more


    Photos: Josh Dooley Phototgraphy

    Words: Cayleigh Rees

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